In any pandemic situation, facing pathogenic factors, there are always two sides: the side of the oppressor and the side of the resistance. If our immune resistance is good, the pathogenic factor won’t be able to get through the fence and reach the internal organs. In this context, it is paramount to learn the rules and functions of our immune system and learn the techniques to make it stronger and more efficient.

The following key points are addressed by the course: 

✅ Functioning of the immune defenses from a modern scientific point of view and from a traditional medicine point of view.

✅ The 6 layers of the immune system.

✅ The genetic programming of the immune defenses and the efficient means to reinforce it using the extraordinary and divergent meridians.

✅ Handling acute symptoms of the epidemics.

✅ The specifics of the coronavirus and its propagation.

✅ Practical protocols for prevention, handling patients who contracted the virus, and efficiently relieve symptoms at various stages of the disease. Using acupuncture/acupressure, essential oils, and auricular points, to address fevers, muscular pains, headaches, joint or spine pains, respiratory or cardiovascular issues, and techniques to attend this specific disease and protect the lungs.

Dr. Nadia Volf, MD, PhD

Professor and Co-Director of the Scientific Acupuncture Department at the Medical School of Paris (XI) University.

Dr Nadia Volf is not only an acupuncturist with 35 years of experience, but also a neurophysiologist who uses modern scientific knowledge to explain and improve the effects of acupuncture.

During her 35 years Nadia has developed an Auricular Causative Diagnosis, a scientifically proven way to discover the inner cause of the pathology, to follow the pathway of its development, and to bring the global causative approach to treat the root, not just the symptom.

Nadia Volf came into contact with acupuncture at age 13 when an acupuncturist, who had recently returned from China, saved her father from a life-threatening asthma attack. She decided right then to dedicate her life to the study and practice of acupuncture.

She became a MD, received a PhD, and did extensive research in Pediatrics, Neurology and Oncology, all the while pursuing the study of acupuncture with her mentor. She nurtured the dream of having acupuncture recognized by the scientific community and having it taught in universities. Currently, Dr Nadia Volf continues her research and practice in Paris, both in the University Hospital as well as in her clinic. She is striving to perfect and expand Auricular Causative Diagnosis as a powerful and objective method differentiating the root and branch of the pathology. She teaches different kinds of students, both medical doctors and acupuncture practitioners.

Dr Nadia Volf is the author of several books, translated in 12 different languages, as well as a great number of articles published in scientific journals. She has taught her diagnostic method in various international conferences.

Nadia Volf desires to share her knowledge and discoveries in order to help practitioners increase their diagnostic and therapeutic abilities.


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